Introduction to WWDPG

Created by Wendy Dean, CEO of Strategi Solutions, ‘Why Women Don’t Play Golf’ is a programme developed based on personal experience and curated to enable women to reach their potential and defy the challenges that exist working in what was traditionally a mans world.

This two hour session has been designed to enable aspiring female leaders the opportunity to come and learn about the programme, it’s most crucial takeaways, and provide an insight into Wendy’s career as a Business Leader in challenging, male dominated environments.

Covering the key objectives identified in the full programme, the session will give attendees an insight into the following key areas:

  • Managing your own personal development
  • Understanding what makes a great leader
  • Develop mental ability to handle challenges
  • Enhancing and growing a personal brand
  • Learning to build networks and the power of social learning

Thursday 6th April – Book your place

Wednesday 10th May – Book your place

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