Why Women Don't Play Golf – Full Programme

The programme consists of 2 days of interactive and engaging workshop activities; input from guest speakers including a voice coach and a style consultant plus practical tools to support you in your development.

Some highlights over the programme include:

Keynote speech from Wendy Dean (creator of the programme).

Getting to know your fellow participants through networking.

Managing your own personal development including the Introduction to the Johari Window framework and exploring options for what you could do.

Reviewing your Wheel of Life and exploring the balance. Where are the areas you need to focus and what would you like to be doing more of?

Establishing our Values and Beliefs including identifying what’s important to you and what do you stand for.

The Difference between a Fixed and a Growth Mindset and identifying where you sit and what changes might be required.

Understanding the Way we Operate by reviewing our profile and considering how we can be more effective in the way we interact with others.

Being Resilient including an overview of what this means and practical hints and tips to do this in the future.

Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th July

Location: Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa, Main Road, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6DQ (package includes dinner, bed & breakfast for the night of the 10th July)

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